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10 Foods That Will Kill Slowly

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As far as food is concerned,most enjoy deep fried foods. This is why a larger percentage of the population is either obese or overweight. However this issue of eating more sugar, saturated fat, or grease is a global one, and no set of people can be exonerated, not even myself. It may be that perhaps we are keeping up with the times. The deadliest foods that will kill slowly are usually the cheapest, and I think that everyone knows this fact.

We might stop at a shop for office lunch break to get full lunch for less than $5, probably a bag of deep-fried goodie. We often save money by eating some of these, and again, we save time by not cooking and cleaning up the mess.  We all lead busy lives, we return from a life-threatening bank job, we run home to attend to the kids’ fatherly needs, with all these kind of pressure, we hardly have time to eat good food.


It is not only to save time and energy that makes us prefer substitutes of good food, sometimes laziness does. Like you rightly know, food preparation is a very important aspect of our lives. It is usually a common practice to rinse off vegetables and fruits to remove adhering chemicals, however, when we realize and understand that food preparation puts our lives on a knife edge, we will be more careful what about the process, and about what we take in. You may have heard about the poisonous puffer fish which takes lives if not correctly prepared.


There are so many foods that will kill slowly if you are not careful enough to recognize them, so thank goodness that you are reading this article today. I have gathered 10   foods that will kill slowly. Knowing about these foods will prepare you better in defense against them.


Let’s learn about these foods….

1. Canned Tomato paste

Canned tomato paste is poison in disguise. Did you ever know that canned tomato paste will increase your risk of tooth decay, obesity, heart disease, and diabetes? I can bet a million dollars that you didn’t know about this. To prevent suffering these conditions, it is wise to use fresh tomato fruits to prepare your sauce. You can also use pureed tomatoes, or if you can’t avoid canned tomatoes, you can find the ones that contain less sugar and salt.

2. Margarine

We all have heard the widespread belief that fat from a dairy product is bad for health; this is why substitutes like margarine have been produced. It is a vegetable oil that has undergone hydrogenation process to solidify. It is thought to be a more a healthier alternative because it is a product of vegetables. However, this is not completely the case, as a result of the hydrogenation process, margarine contains Trans fat. These fats are linked with severe cases of heart attack, margarine also contains very poor cholesterol known as LDL (low-density lipoprotein), and this compound increases the risk of suffering from diabetes.

3. Soda

Soda is very high in sugar, and I think almost everyone who has consumed soda knows this. It is also not a secret that sugar increases the risk of obesity, heart conditions, and diabetes. It is one of the foods out there that will kill slowly. Soda contains artificial colors and flavors, these ingredients can cause health problems such as asthma, kidney problems, and reproductive issues.

4. High-fructose corn syrup

The consumption of high-fructose corn syrup is on a global scale. High-fructose corn syrup has been strongly linked with increased diabetes and obesity. It has high sugar content, and this leads to heart disease and metabolic syndrome. However, more research and studies are still needed in this aspect.

5. White flour

You may have heard that refined carbohydrates are not healthy when compared to other whole grains. That is true because the fiber in those other whole grains does not contain refined carbs. This influences the way our bodies process them. Refined carbohydrates such as white flour increase the risk of being overweight, and diabetes. Also, it contains gluten which is inflammatory, this leads to health issues related to inflammation such arthritis, and it also negatively affects the digestive system.

6. Commercial fruit juice

I consider this particular point as an irony because fruit should pack a punch when it comes to healthy foods. After all, we have heard and even benefited from the goodness of fruits. We have also heard and seen people doing detoxes and cleanses with fruit juice. How then does fruit juice come into the list of top ten foods that will kill slowly? I did a research and found that most fruit juices are not healthy, this is because some of them have undergone a heat pasteurization process, this inevitably destroys the nutrients available in these juices making them mere sweetened water. So, the next time you want to buy a fruit juice, look for the one that is not pasteurized, does not contain added ingredients and is not a product of concentrate. To save yourself the stress, you can make one yourself, it is safer.

7. Pizza

Goodness gracious, I hope you are not surprised to see this food on my list of foods that will kill slowly. This is the best food for every school kid around the world. Pizza contains unhealthy fats, sugars, and unhealthy starch. If you can’t totally avoid it, at least minimize your consumption if you want to live longer. 

8. Whole-Fat Milk

It is amazing that some of the unhealthy foods we eat are eaten at breakfast. Most breakfast is not complete without milk. Milk is good no doubt, however, you must try to stay away from the ones that have whole-fat. It has unsaturated fats, and this can result in high cholesterol.  Skimmed milk is better if you want to live a healthy life

9. Rhubarb

If you have read this article to this stage, then it is a clear indication that you care a lot about your health, and I care too.  Another food on my list is rhubarb. I have included this so that you can keep a close watch on the amount of rhubarb pie you consume. Studies have revealed that rhubarb leaves have oxalic acids, these acids have been known to cause kidney stones. Only 11 pound of rhubarb leaves is enough to kill anyone, less than that may just get you severely sick. So your best bet is to avoid it at all cost.

10. Sugar

This point should not be a surprise because much of what we eat that cause harm to our bodies comes from one form of sugar or another. I know sugar is addictive, therefore, if you are addicted already, find better ways to satisfy your addiction, for the sake of your health. Like I mentioned earlier, sugar increases the risk of heart disease, therefore, you must avoid it as much as possible. In order to avoid sugar related problems, try replacing it with pasteurized honey.



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