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10 Foods to Never Eat with Arthritis

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If you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, there are a lot of foods out there that can worsen your condition that is why the central aim of this post is to educate you on the foods to never eat with arthritis.

As part of your strategy to manage your condition, it is necessary to keep out these foods from your menu. However, I would like to state categorically that there is no diet that can completely cure arthritis, but if you must manage it effectively, there are some foods that have been scientifically proven to increase arthritis inflammation; this can cause a lot of joint pain.

Having said all that, the question now is, where do you start? According to Marian T. Hannan, an associate professor of medicine and public health, your aim is to reduce the pain caused by inflammation, and you want to do this by staying away from foods that increase the risk for inflammation. She also maintained that having extra pounds causes a lot of problems for your joints, which results to further injury.

However, Patience White, Medical Director, and advocate for the arthritis foundation, stated that there is no scientifically proven food that will solve the problem of arthritis more than the recent drug administration. As stated earlier, there is no food that completely reduces the symptoms of arthritis.

Furthermore, the type of food you eat, and the ones you have failed to eat can make a huge difference.

Below are 10 foods to never eat if you have arthritis. These foods can contribute extra pounds and worsen inflammation, which inevitably leads to more severe joint pain.

Get your pen and follow us on this thrilling journey as I examine these foods…


Wheat together with gluten, both initiates inflammation, especially with people who do not tolerate them. Studies have revealed that joint pains have a link with gut permeability. A permeable gut allows the entrance of toxic materials and wastes into the bloodstream through the intestines.

When these toxic materials enter the bloodstream, the nervous system initiates a response; the result of this immune response is inflammation.

2. Red Meat

10 Foods to Never Eat with Arthritis
Saturated fat content is very high in red meat, this can make inflammation symptoms more severe, and it also leads to obesity. A high intake of red meat triggers the omega-6 fatty acids present, and this can increase inflammation. Some arthritis patients have reported a case where they experienced a massive improvement when red meat was removed from their diet.

However, lean red meat may serve as a source of protein and other essential nutrients for arthritis patients. The bottom-line is, do not take too much.

3. Corn Oil

10 Foods to Never Eat with Arthritis
All foods that contain a high amount of omega-6 fatty acids produce inflammatory symptoms, and that includes corn oil. It is very difficult to avoid this element because it is contained in a good number of foods.

However, as far as industrial oils are concerned, corn oil is not the one to stay away from if you have arthritis. All seed oils such as rice bran, soybean oil, sunflower oil, grapeseed oil, canola oil, safflower oil, and cottonseed oil, should be on your list of oils to avoid

4. Processed Foods

10 Foods to Never Eat with Arthritis
The shelves of any supermarket are filled with a lot of processed foods. They range from snacks to foods that have been precooked; these foods are filled with elements that initiate inflammation. Some of these ingredients include; saturated fats, refined flour, and lots of sugar.

The producers harmless try to make these foods as irresistible as possible, in the process, they make them unhealthy. However, in order to ensure your safety and avoid running the risk of increasing your inflammation symptoms, always read the labels for the list of ingredients in their respective quantities.

5. Salt & Preservatives

10 Foods to Never Eat with Arthritis
Recent observations have revealed that many of the manufactured foods today contain a high amount of preservatives and salt. Salt in its nature makes food tastier, while the preservative, on the other hand, increases the shelf life of the product. Regardless of these amazing qualities, an excess intake of these ingredients may cause inflammation in the joints.

6. ‘AGES’

10 Foods to Never Eat with Arthritis
AGES! Please do not mind the spelling; it has no relation with how old you are. ‘’AGE’’ is just an acronym for “Advanced Glycan End product”. It is a byproduct from pasteurized, heated, grilled, or fried foods, and trust me it is as toxic as it can get.

When you consume AGE foods, some proteins in the body are severely attacked. This attack initiates an immune reaction. Cytokines are released by the immune system as an inflammatory messenger to protect the body against severe damage done by these harmful elements. When this hormone is directed towards the joints, it increases the symptoms of inflammation.

7. Certain Vegetables

10 Foods to Never Eat with Arthritis
Are you surprised to learn that some of your favorite vegetables are not healthy? Well, your surprise is understandable.

Certain vegetables contain solanine from Solanaceae. It is a compound that initiates a negative physiological reaction in people with arthritis. These vegetables include; tomatoes, pepper, potatoes, and eggplant. However, sweet potatoes are not in this class of vegetables, they are safe to consume.

8. Sugar and Refined Flour

10 Foods to Never Eat with Arthritis

The level of your blood sugar may sky-rocket when you eat some simple carbohydrates that can easily be digested. Such foods are; snacks and drinks that contain a lot of sugar, white rice, and pasta and bread made with white flour.

An increase in the levels of your bloods sugar stimulates the production of inflammatory hormones, such as Cytokines. This can increase your inflammation symptoms, especially if your inflammation is within the joints.

9. Refined Carbohydrates

10 Foods to Never Eat with Arthritis

Refined carbohydrates such as white rice, white flour or any of its products, most cereals, and white potatoes are HGI (High-glycemic index) foods. These are foods that initiate byproducts’ production including AGE. They make inflammation more severe.

Furthermore, refined carbohydrates may increase your susceptibility to obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. As mentioned earlier, obesity is one leading causes of arthritis.

10. Alcohol & Tobacco

10 Foods to Never Eat with Arthritis

The development of some types of arthritis has been linked to the consumption of alcohol and tobacco. However, studies have shown that some environmental factors contribute to the determination of who develops arthritis, though not scientifically proven, but smoking is without any doubt a huge factor.


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