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10 Real Tips that Work on How to Save on Auto Insurance

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Auto insurance has been described as one of the most expensive purchases that people are scared to use. Though it is necessary to purchase the right insurance, it cost almost a fortune to cover a brand-new automobile far more than it will cost to cover an older model that you intend to replace.

There is never a perfect time to pay for your auto insurance; however, if you are always in apprehension whenever you have to pay for your auto insurance, then, it is possible that you are looking for real tips that will work on how to save on auto insurance. If that is the case, then, believe me, you did not miss your way coming to nicheslide.com.

10 Real Tips that Work on How to Save on Auto Insurance

Auto insurance has become very expensive recently, and yes it is necessary to have the right auto insurance if you must drive your car with peace of mind. However, getting superb auto insurance doesn’t mean you should clear your savings. That is why I have gathered some helpful real tips that work on how to save on auto insurance.

Having the perfect auto insurance takes some bit of prudence and smartness, but there is no doubt that it increases the expenses of owning a car. The sweet news is that there are certain factors that help to determine the value of premiums, which is where being prudent and smart comes in. You should always check your coverage when you want to renew to ensure that your insurance goes in line with what you need. Follow some proven steps to reduce the cost of auto insurance.

Below are 10 real tips that work on how to save on auto insurance.

1.  Do a Yearly Rate analysis

It may sometimes be very difficult to beat insurer rates, especially if one insurer has been handling your insurance for so long a time. As a matter of fact, the Consumer Reports National Research Center conducted a study in 2014 and it was reported that only a little fraction of the subscribers at Consumer Reports found that it is easier to save money when you switch insurers; this was after comparing different premiums.

There are a lot of sites on the web that make it easy for you to compare several insurers; such sites include www.insure.com and www.netquote.com. You might consider an alliance with an agent that will help you to easily compare different insurers.

2. Go for a five-star-rated insurer

There are so many factors that can determine whether or not you are able to save money on auto insurance, sometimes it goes way beyond finding the cheapest rates on premiums. There are some insurers that offer cheap rates on premiums; however, they may lead you to spend more than you bargained for. How do you end up spending more? Some insurers that offer low rates on premiums, also offer low estimates, they are always looking for ways to cut corners, like making you cough out extra cash for original replacement parts. You might also get your premium rates hiked up unexpectedly.

3. Set the Perfect Deductible

A perfectly high deductible gives you a reduced rate on premiums; this is because you will pay a larger percentage from your pocket when you hold claims. It is not wise to increase your deductible by a small margin, you save more when you have a high deductible.

4. Make a Routine Check on Your Coverage

The liability coverage covers any property damage or bodily injury that the accident may cause.  Do not go with the minimums set by the state when buying liability coverage. It may seem unwise to get more coverage, but the truth is, it actually helps you to save more money.

Furthermore, you will get huge benefits if the claims you hold are expensive; however, this may mean putting your savings at a huge risk.

Consider your medical and personal injury coverage, and how you may have to cover the payments. However, you may choose to forget it if your health coverage is good. You may also choose to consider it if your passengers do not have good insurance.

5. Multiple Policy Holders

Insurance holders offer quite a heavy discount on auto insurance, only when you buy insurance from them such as your renter’s insurance, life insurance, or home-owners insurance. However, you must ensure that you review the total cost in all ways.

6. Control Teenage-Driver Risk

It is not always a wise decision to add a teenage-driver risk to your auto insurance policy, this is because it increases your insurance cost sometimes up to a staggering 100 percent. Therefore, you must ensure that your child is given driving lessons before procuring a license. Make them understand that reckless driving will lead to the withdrawal of privileges.   In the case that your teenager does not have a license, you should let your insurer know about it.

7. Have a Reliable Credit Score

Some state laws permit insurers to take your creditworthiness as a major determining factor when initiating your premiums. Find out if your insurer follows this rule. However, it is always necessary to do regular checks on your credit statement to see if there are any errors.

In situations where you have experienced problems that have affected your finance, request for exceptions and in most cases, your requests will be granted. This will help you to save money easily.

8. Let your Insurer know of a reduced Mileage

As far as auto insurance is concerned, the major cost factor is usually the miles you drive in a year. It has an average of 12,000 miles/year. However, you should let your insurer if you have started driving less than that average, probably due to retirement or whatever the reason may be. This will reduce the cost of your premiums by at least 10%.

9. Choose your type of Car wisely

Sometimes, your auto model may determine the cost of your auto premiums, this is because vehicle damage is very common, as a matter of fact, it is the highest cost factor in your auto insurance. Therefore, when choosing your auto model, inquire what the quotes are for all the models you intend to select from.

10. Find the Best premium rates on Auto insurance

It is always a good idea to scan for the best deals as far as auto insurance is concerned. For example, let’s say you want to a brand new washing machine; you may not buy the first one you come across. The same thing applies here when you want to buy auto insurance. You have to compare prices from different insurers. Different insurers have different metrics for measuring risk, so it will help you to save money in the long run if you can get quotes from different auto insurers to find the best deal.


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