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10 Top IT Jobs In 2021 For Mega Career Advancement

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Welcome guys. It is a known secret that IT (Information Technology) has produced many wildly successful people in the world

Just check out the likes of Bill Gate, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Larry Ellison just mention a few.

All these above people are extremely wealthy. If you are hearing about them for the first time, after reading this article you can do a quick search about them on the net.

This should be an inspiration for you to pursue an IT career. Of course, IT is not restricted to Science Students. Any person with a enough hard and determination can learn and accomplish great career.

These 10 Information Technology careers is Nicheslide top picks after painstaking research that span weeks.

Even though, you can earn a decent living that bring admiration from others. Sometimes envy.

“If you’re qualified in any of these 10 jobs listed above, you’ll never go hungry again in life. You can work anywhere in the world and earn top salaries”

Let put this warning out before we delve into the 10 Top IT Jobs Of 2021. These IT Jobs required hard work and putting in time to acquire the Skill Set. Once the Skill Set Is mastered, The Sky will be the starting point.

With this Skill set, you can work anywhere in the work.


Let Go…

10 To IT Jobs In 2021

1. Full Stack Developer.

A Full Stack Web Developer is that specialist that can develop front end and back end of webs application. This person is not a website designer.

More than design a website, A Full Stack Developer must have mastered HTML, CSS and knows how to program using JavaScript, JQuery, Angular aor Also Program Server such as PHP, ASP, Python Or Node).

You may not necessary need a Degree in Computer Science to become a full stack developer.

The service of a full stack developer is needed worldwide as you be restrict to your country. Just get good at it and see big corporation begging for your service*.

2. DevOps Engineer

The Second Top IT Jobs In 2021 Is DevOps Engineer. The Word DevOps stand for Development And Operation. It is an attempt into infuse the two into one group.

A DevOps Engineer is that person that build, test and maintain the intricate parts and tools that makes for quick development and release of software. They aims to ease the process of software development and how it will be deploy to soft a specific problem.

A person that want make a career should have some level of coding knowledge.

3. Data Scientist.

Hmm. This one is an hot cake and highly sought after by many organization.

A Data Scientist is that person that make sense out of big data needed to make better decision in organization.

He/she is an expert with technical skills needed to solve complex problems. They are said to be three-one skills set people. Maths, Computer Knowledge and Trend-Spotter.

From insider information at our disposal, Data Scientist is said to be a very reward career.

Again, It is not compulsory you should have a degree in Computer Science before becoming A Data Scientist. Also for other jobs stated in this article. So There is no excuse. All you need is focus and determination.

4. Market Intelligence Analyst.

A Market Intelligence Analyst is that professional that is equip with the knowledge of how to review recent market trend and gather competitor data in order to unravel new market opportunities also predict likeable change in the marketplace.

As you can see from above that ability to gather such data is very important if an organization hope to compete in a fierce market place.

The need for Market Intelligence Analyst would not be run out of fashion as market competition get more fierce as new players join.

5. IT Program Manager

This is straightforward, This is managerial position that aim to ensure the smooth running of the various IT projects undertaken by an origination.

The ideal person oversees a crop of information technology professionals who are engaged in various projects.

Aside of having IT knowledge, the ideal person must have good communication skills, ability to command respect, leadership skill amongst others.

6. Software Architect

Is that person with expert-level knowledge in software development or computer program that help at trouble shooting problem and give direction on the wholistic approach to software problems.

He oversees the development of software in the aim to solve organization problem.

7. Network Security Engineer

With the level threat of hackers and cyber bulling. An organization will not toy with it network of computer security with levity.

A Network Security Engineer is charged with the responsibility of helping to protect company’s network from cyber-attacks. They prevent threat from happening.

This is a highly sought job and this can be help by anyone with enough hard work and focus.

8. Data Engineer

Like discuss about able Data Scientist, Data Engineer takes a bit further.

A Data Engineer is a person with responsibility pf finding trends in data sets and developing a set of algorithms to able the company to make sense of the raw data in decision making.

9. Cloud Architect

Cloud Architect is a new trend in the advancement nt of Information Technology. It is involves the development of a firm’s computing strategy and development without the necessary input of users in storage of data.

This is a mouth watering career and it is still new unlike the others. The demand for a Cloud Architect will continue to sought higher. It is better to position yourself now as the next Cloud Architect specialist now.

10. Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Engineer.

This is another top notch IT skill and making a career in machine learning should not be delayed.

This involve the development of specifics a algorithms that help in automation of bots that person role without human intervention.

This is very highly paid skill set that can be learn by another body that is discipline to follow through a set of instruction.


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