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2021 CONVID-19 Rapid-Response Grants – Registration Form Portal, How To Apply Now

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The effect of months of lockdown has effected most businesses which in some dire instances led to closure of business and lost of means of livelihood. This also affected workers too.

The Federal Government responded with some sort of Grant codenamed Convid-19 Rapid Response Register RRR Cash Transfer 2021/2022 which Registration Form Portal has been opened for interested business persons and individuals to access Covid-19 Rapid Response Grants 2021.

This lauded about program on under the auspices of The West Africa Trade and Investment Hub Activity (herein referred to as “the Trade Hub”) funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) which has started accepting Expressions of Interest (EOIs) from eligible applicants to fund a program entitled COVID-19 Rapid Response in Nigeria.

To be eligible for award, the applicant must meet the eligibility requirements detailed here. Awards will be made to eligible and responsible applicants submitting EOIs and, subsequently, full applications that best meet the program objectives and evaluation criteria contained in Sections A and E of Attachment 1 respectively.

Only applicants submitting EOIs approved by the Trade Hub will be invited to submit full applications.

The purpose of the Trade Hub activity is to promote and expand employment, trade, and investment opportunities both within the West Africa sub-region and international markets. This APS focuses specifically on advancing this purpose in Nigeria within the context of Covid-19.

The Trade Hub’s primary objectives for its Covid-19 response in Nigeria are to:

1) Ensure access to finance during the Covid-19 crisis
2) Retain employment during the Covid-19 crisis
3) Leverage the private-sector in the response to Covid-19

How You Can Apply for the ongoing COVID-19 Rapid Response 2021 registration.

This guide underlines profound methods that will aid you to get a job at the ongoing Recruitment process.

Furthermore, There are many things you need to understand about COVID-19 Rapid Response before you apply. In case you’ve not known before, the COVID-19 Rapid Response Registration application form is free.

Some of the most asked questions about the COVID-19 Rapid-Response Grants include:
Is COVID-19 Rapid-Response Grants 2021 application form out?
Any Latest news about COVID-19 Rapid-Response Grant?
How can i access Federal Government Covid-19 Rapid Response Register RRR Cash Transfer portal
I need COVID-19 Rapid-Response Grants 2021 updates,
How can I apply for the Federal Government Covid-19 Rapid Response Register RRR Cash Transfer Grants 2021? Just to list a few.
For that reason, we decided to create this page to enlightened you regard to COVID-19 Rapid-Response Grants 2021 Registration.

The steps for COVID-19 Rapid Response Registration 2020/2021 Form is here. You’ll see the easiest means of completing Federal Government Covid-19 Rapid Response Register Cash Transfer Registration Form now.

The application form is Free. No one will ever ask you to pay a dime. So you have nothing to worry about.

If you’re a Nigerian, then this empowerment program registration form is all you need.

Today, we’ll show you everything you need to know about Federal Government Covid-19 Rapid Response Register Cash Transfer 2021, and how to apply online.

Please before you continue reading this guide, kindly note that below information.

You’re to kindly note that COVID-19 Rapid Response registration 2021 is now ongoing for all Nigerians, not just that alone, you must be 18-35 years before you can apply.

COVID-19 Rapid-Response Grants 2021 Registration Application Process

Applications may be submitted through the COVID-19 Rapid-Response Grants 2021 application portal. Applications were initially accepted on a rolling basis. The first period of review began on August 31, 2020. The deadline for the final round of review for COVID-19 Rapid-Response Grants 2021 applications is September 30, 2021. Notification of award status for the first round of review will occur in November 2021. COVID-19 Rapid-Response Grants 2021 will provide support for research beginning as early as November 2021. Pending available funding, the COVID-19 Rapid-Response Grant may offer additional application rounds. Please check the Just COVID-19 Rapid-Response Grants 2021 program page for updates.

How To Apply for FG COVID-19 Rapid-Response Grants 2021 Online

The nationwide code of *969# can be dialed to get connected to the RRR Call centre for inquiries, with each participating Local Government Area and Ward having their unique USSD codes that the target individuals/households could text to apply for registration into the RRR.

FG Rapid Response Register (RRR) 2021 Nation Wide Codes
These codes represent various states in Nigeria but differ from that of the various local governments or locations in your state. Whatever it is, all of it works perfectly.

COVID-19 Rapid-Response Grants 2021 Registration GENERAL CODE – *969# from any network

Abia – *969*44#
Bayelsa – *969*53#
Kogi – *969*26#
Imo – *969*235#
Rivers State – *969*50#
Ebonyi – *969*44# *969*40# for ohaukwu-ebonyi
Ekiti – *969*52#
NASARAWA STATE COVID-19 Rapid-Response Grants 2021 Registration Code’s:
– *969*90# – AKWANGA 83• AWE 84. • DOMA 85 • KARU 86• KEANA 87. KEFFI 88 •KOKONA 89. LAFIA 90. • NASARAWA 91. 10 NASSARAV4A-EGGON 92• OBI 93.TOTO 94

Lagos – *969*98#
Katsina – *969*77#
Gombe code- *969*76#
Adamawa – *969*22#
Maiduguri – *969*10#
Osun State – *969*54#
Oyo – *969*20#
Bauchi – *969*113#
Abuja – *969*67#
Sokoto State. *969*84# 1. Shagari *969-244# 2. Kebbe ‘969*245# 3. Wamakko *969*246# 4. Tambawal *969″247# 5. Tangaza *969*248# 6. Bodinga *969″249# 7. Sabon-Birni *969*250# 8. Dange Shuni *969-251# 9. Tureta *969*252# 10. Gudu *969″253# 11. Gada *969*254# 12. Sokoto North “969*255#
Yobe -*969*12#
Anambra – *969*22#
Akwa Ibom – *969*52#
Cross River – *969*54#
Kebbi – *969*86#
Taraba – *969* 66#

NIGER STATE COVID-19 Rapid-Response Grants 2021 Registration Code’s

– However, the first phase of the programme will capture just 15 LGAs which are; Agaie, Suleja, Mashegu, Wushishi, Borgu, Bosso, Edati, Gbako, Rafi, Mariga, kacha, Munya, Paikoro and Magama.!
Suleja, *969*148#
Munya *969*147#
Bosso *969*156#
Paikoro *969*157#
Gbako *969*149#
Agaie *969*150#
Katcha *969*152#
Shiroro *969*151#
Mariga *969*154#
Wushishi *969*155#

Once you’re Rapid Response Register Application is complete, you will get a Congratulatory message saying;


Your details have been successfully submitted. Thank you for your time!



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